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Cloud Backup

Many businesses understand that performing backups of their systems is critical to ensuring that their business data is protected in the event of a disaster. Disasters can take many forms including:

  • Environmental Disasters such as Floods and Fire
  • Human Error and Malicious Acts
  • Hardwdare and Software Failure

In order to protect against loss of information as a result of disasters we recommend that critical business data be stored offsite. In the past this has meant backing up to tape or disk and taking this media offsite. This was often a cumbersome process and was often not done.

With the improvement in technology and better Internet connections new offsite backup options have become available.

After testing different products and technologies over the last few years we are pleased to be able to offer an automated  cloud based backup solution which allows you to store your critical data encrypted in a secure Australian datacentre.

For more information on our cloud based backup solution please contact Saturn Alliance on

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